Tuesday, December 9, 2014

New WIPs

Hello fellow hookers!!
I have a few new projects that I am working on currently, as well as updating some of the works from the previous post. My bobble blanket has made some great progress! I have learned that this stitch is a real time consuming. I knew that it was going to be a yarn-eater, so I'm not as worried about that. I still have at least 6 blue skeins left so that will last me for a while. It's taking me a bit over 40 minutes at this point to complete one row of bobbles, and then another 15 ish minutes to do the sc row. I love this stitch, but I believe that in the future, I will probably not complete a full bobble stitch item, but just incorporate bobbles into whatever pattern I am creating.
My purple flower granny quilt has not made any progress lol. I have not worked on it, because I have been completing other projects.
I finished this black and green blanket for my father on Tuesday, 9/23. He recieved it in the mail on Saturday. He loved it! He said the first thing he did was take it across the street and show his neighbors. I love my dad! This is the first crochet item that I have sent to him, but he is sure to start receiving alot more! I love how he cherishes my projects. He went on for about 20 minutes on the phone about how appreciative he was, because he knew the work that I had put into the blanket. He thought it was just beautiful.

I finished an orange granny square blanket a few weeks ago. I dropped it off at Quilt Beginnings to be donated to Project Linus. It was a very simple blanket to make, and mostly made just so that I could get rid of the orange yarn. I hope the kids like it!
I have also been receiving a ton of orders in my etsy shop! I'll attach pictures of some of the beautiful items I've created over the last few weeks!
Pink Cross Stitch Scarf
Purple Arm Knitted Scarf I made for my sister 
Blue Infinity Scarf/Shawl

Variety of Ear Warmers
I am working on a few more things that I have not taken pictures of yet, so that will be available in the next post!!
Thanks so much for reading, and Happy Stitching!
My Etsy shop can he veiwed here

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