Monday, March 17, 2014

New project!!

This is a new pattern that I am working on. It is called a leaf stitch I believe. I found it on a random website, and I searched for weeks to find a written pattern to help me make this! I finally found a website that had a written pattern and this is how it is coming out!! =) But the blue piece will be a baby blanket for my nephew (possibly) and the purple one I will probably send to my sister. 

This pattern takes much time, effort and patience!! It calls for multiple extended double crochet in the same space, and it took a while for me to get all of the DC to be the same size and length. Also, it is difficult to figure out which spaces the shorter "leaves" go into, to make them even on both sides. It still takes me a while during each stitch to choose the correct space, but I love this pattern nonetheless. 

I will finish both of these blankets first, and then I will probably attempt to create other, more difficult items with the pattern, such as beanies or fashion scarves for the summer. this pattern is so gorgeous and elegant, and the hard work that it takes to learn and duplicate really shows in the beauty of the piece!! 

Please let me know what you think about my pieces, and if you try the pattern, let me know how it turns out!!!

I am so excited. I will post a few pictures of the pieces I am creating, as well as the link to the pattern itself. The pattern is not in English, but there are great pictures that you can follow!! Just let me know if there are any questions, I might make a video detailing the process.

Thanks for reading, and happy stitching!!!


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