Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Project Linus- What crochet means to me

I am a Project Linus Blanketeer!! Here is what Project Linus means to me. 

Project Linus is an organization that donates blankets to children in need. Children in hospitals, homeless shelters, social services agencies, etc, receive blankets from PL every month. They have donated over 5 million blankets since 1998.

I became involved in PL while I was in college. I had very rigorous course work, as well as clinical involvement every day for my major, so I was having a hard time finding time to volunteer. I decided to find something that was more suitable to my schedule. I found Volunteer Match on google, and began to search for volunteer organizations that I could get involved with from home. I found out about Project Linus through that website.

I was enthused by the idea that I could do something that I love, while helping out children in my city. I can sit at home and crochet tons of blankets, any size, from baby to young adult, and drop them off at local drop off sites in the Columbus, OH area. These places are usually craft stores, and make it easier for me to support small businesses in my area when I find new projects that I want to try. I also can use these places as potential avenues to channel business to my website. I left a few business cards at a local shop called Quilt Beginnings when I dropped my blankets off. I signed up for their newsletter, and I feel like I can determine where my business comes from based on the coupon code I left on the cards.

Project Linus gives me a sense of pride and achievement every time I donate a blanket. I love the thought that my blankets will go to helping keep a child warm and happy. They also provide opportunities for hands-on volunteer work with the organization. They have "sorting days" monthly so that volunteers can come into an actual location, and organize the blankets to be sent out. 

I really enjoy being a part of such an organization. I feel very fulfilled knowing that what I do helps someone else. These are two of my most recent donations to Project Linus. They are both about medium sized blankets. I love the granny square blanket, as the yarn makes me think of outer space. I call it the "Galaxy" blanket. The second blanket is a ripple pattern, with gray, white, purple and salmon colored yarns.

Thank you so much for reading, and happy stitching!!


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